How to delete or edit the marked favorites on your Automated Garmin device?

Delete or Edit  favorites on your Automated Garmin device

As you travel long miles with your favorite Garmin GPs devices along with you, a list of favorite places will be marked on your device. The list will continue to grow as you keep traveling with the Garmin Device GPS. Also known as favorites or My locations you saved locations in your device can be accessed quickly to cover up the favorite destinations. As you travel the list of favorite places might have become densely populated or there are locations you no longer are visiting or plan to visit again. You can now edit or clear the list of favorite or marked places on your Garmin Express device. Now you can follow the steps to edit or delete favorite marked location on the device.

Delete favorites on your Automated Garmin device as given below steps.

Steps to delete the favorite place on your Garmin device:

Step 1: Touch where to on your device?

Step 2: Next is to touch favorites?

Step 3: Now touch the favorite you would like to edit or delete

Step 4: Now you need to touch the word bubble showing your favorite and phrase press for more

Step 5: Next is to delete

Step 6: And finally touch yes

Steps to edit the favorite place on your Garmin device:

Step 1: You can follow the steps from 1 to 4 of the above delete steps

Step 2: Touch for edit

Step 3: Next is to touch the information you would like to change such as name, map symbol, phone number and category

Step 4: The selected favorites will now be edited

Steps to delete the multiple favorites from your Garmin device:

Step 1: Touch on tools

Step 2: Next is to touch on My data, for which you need to press the down arrow

Step 3: Touch the delete favorites

Step 4: Touch the boxes next to selected favorites you would like to delete

Step 5: Touch the delete

Step 6: Touch on yes

The selected favorites will now be deleted forever

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