Draw routes and itineraries on Google maps to send or keep

Draw routes and itineraries on Google maps

When it comes to explaining how to get to a certain place in a certain place, whether it is an address without a street number or out of town or that it is not too easy to reach, it may be useful to send personalized road signs , perhaps with some words on the right warnings avoiding broken roads, limited routes or roads not marked by the map.

To avoid the problems that any road suffer as Google Maps can have in interpreting country roads and routes of various kinds, you can easily and quickly design a custom map to be sent thanks to the creation of Google Maps.

With the same tool, it is also possible to create routes and itineraries to store and use on a trip or on excursions of all kinds.

To create personalized routes and directions to any place in the world in Google Maps, simply open the My Maps site and create a new map.

You can change the name of the map by clicking on the word Untitled map and then adding an indicator by looking for the place under the search bar in the middle or by pressing the indicator button and then clicking a point on the map.

In this second case, it is possible to take any part of the world, not necessarily a road, and give it the name and description you want.

Each selected point can be colored as you prefer, unlike the others.

The buttons below the search bar also allow you to draw a line, ie create an automatic route by car, by bike or on foot and then also to create directions from the selected point on the map.

The last button in the upper right of the toolbar below the search box is that of the ruler, useful for measuring distances and drawing straight lines on the world map.

In My Maps, it is possible to change the graphic appearance of the map, by pressing where it is written Map Base and choosing instead a satellite view or the atlas or the one with the reliefs or different others.

Every time you add directions or new marker points, you add a level.

The levels allow you to activate or hide routes and directions, so you have several options at your fingertips or to create different routes (useful in case you are planning a traveling trip).

You can create a level for eating places, another level for sightseeing, or make sure each level includes all the things you should see in a day.

If you want to change the route, you can click anywhere on the blue line and drag it to the alternative route.

To add further steps to a route you can use the menu on the left and the Add destination link .

You can continue to add destinations to a master itinerary or divide the map into multiple levels, perhaps by calling them with the scheduled day date.

You can also reorder the destinations at each level by dragging and dropping them in the list to change the order in which you will visit these locations.

You can send the map with personalized directions once it has been completed, or it can be stored and displayed on Google Maps in your smartphone.

The share button to send the map is at the top left and works like sharing Google Drive documents.

You can then send the link via Gmail or Facebook, changing the access to it so that it is viewable by anyone with the link (so that it is not private).

On the Android smartphone and on iPhone, you can find the maps created in Google Maps by tapping the menu button and going to the Your Places section. If you are facing any problem to draw routes on Google maps then connect with Garmin.com/Express.

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