Rand McNally GPS Hard Reset : [Quick Steps To Follow]

Rand McNally designed OverDryve, which is known for its reliability and speed. However, with time, all Android devices undergo some kind of problem. If your GPS device becomes unresponsive due to any reason, it is recommended to relaunch the gadget. You can do it by switching it on and off repeatedly. 

Truck navigating tools work well for quick routes. However, if you require the GPS but, seeing the device not responding, do not panic. As in this post, we will discuss the steps to perform Rand McNally GPS hard reset. Resetting the device can troubleshoot various issues in it.

Restart your Device

At times, you cannot find the red truck GPS splash screen, which you usually get after switching on Rand McNally GPS. It is a feature you come across when you try to find destinations, maps or any settings after turning on your device for the first time. The red truck GPS screen sits on for a few minutes and you see the message “Truck GPS is not responding. Do you want to close it?”. 

The process of Rand McNally GPS factory reset often helps to deal with such a problem. Hence, you can relaunch your device by following the steps below:

  1. Restart your device by holding it down for 3 seconds.  Otherwise, continue until you see the screen of power options. 
  2. Tap on Power off and wait for your device to shut down. 
  3. Press and hold the Power button for two to four seconds for turning it back on.

If the device becomes unresponsive and the power down button does not appear, try a simple trick. Press and hold the Power button for 10-15 seconds and the device will turn off entirely. Once your device has turned off, tap and hold the Power button for 2-4 seconds for turning it on again.

Reset Rand McNally GPS to its Factory State if Booting is not Possible

If the above fix did not work well for you, let’s discuss how to reset Rand McNally GPS by factory resetting your overdryve. However, your device is ruled by the Rand McNally DriverConnect application. But, for resetting your OverDryve back to its factory state, following the below-mentioned steps will help you out:

  1. Firstly, turn off your GPS device. If it doesn’t switch off normally,  tap and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds. This will allow the unit to forcefully shut down. Then, press and hold the volume up and Power button simultaneously. This will allow the device to boot in the Engineering Menu.
  2. After that, tap the volume down button and select the option of “Android Recovery Mode”. You can use the power button or volume up button for selection purposes. Now, the unit will display the Android Robot along with a warning sign “No Command”.  
  3. Hence, hit the volume up and down button at the same time. The unit will show the Recovery Menu. With the help of any one of the volume buttons, select the option of “Wipe data or Factory Reset”. Then, click on the power button for confirming the selection.
  4. Using any of the volume buttons, choose “Yes-Delete all user data” and tap the power button for confirmation. The screen will show that the cache and data partitions were already formatted. Finally, the GPS unit will go back to the Engineering Menu.
  5. Next, select any of the volume buttons to choose “Reboot System Now” and hit the power button for selecting it. 

Lastly, wait for the device to finish its rebooting process. You will find the device has been reset to its factory state.    

Ending Note

We hope, this article served you the best hacks on Rand McNally GPS hard reset. However, make sure to backup your valuable data from the device before resetting it. 

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