How to Fix the Bluetooth Pairing Issue of Garmin Connect with Huawei Phone?

Garmin Connect with Huawei PhoneWith the invention of GPS devices, a traveler no more needs to depend upon street signs for reaching the exact location. This is one of the best tools that one can ever have, especially one who loves traveling and discovering new places. The navigation gadgets by Garmin has given a new way to travel without the fear of being lost. There are multiple models of GPS manufactured by the Garmin that too with a variety of features. One of the exclusive features these Garmin connect is the connectivity of them with the phone via the Bluetooth. You can connect your Garmin with your mobile phone easily and can enjoy the trip. But there may be a time when you encounter issues with this feature. Don’t worry, if you are a user of Huawei phone with the help of this post you will get to know how to fix the Garmin connect Bluetooth not pairing issue with Huawei mobile device.

Here are the measures that you need to follow to fix Garmin Connect Bluetooth pairing issues:

  • Step1: Begin the procedure by downloading and installing the latest version of Garmin Express software.
  • Step2: Stop the Google Play Services, if in case it doesn’t stop remove the update of Google Play services. To do so, go to Settings click on Applications, select the Google Play Services. You will see an option of “Stop” click on it.
  • Step3: Now, add your Huawei mobile device with Garmin Express and wait until the sync completes. Ensure that device displays at the top panel of your Garmin connect.
  • Step4: In the next step, you need to open the Garmin Connect phone and skip the first setup. Go to the Garmin Devices you will find synced device there.
  • Step5: Try to pair it by tapping on the device name. Your watch will display code that you need to input.
  • Step6: Now, you can start Google Play Services and have fun with your watch. If you have removed the updates earlier, at this point in the time, you can get them back.

With the help of these points, you will easily resolve the Bluetooth pairing issue of Garmin with Huawei Phone.

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