How to fix Garmin GPS fails to Unlock Issue?

If your Garmin device is displaying an error along with the message saying “Can’t unlock Map or can’t authenticate Maps.”The arrived error message is the result of validating the map with your Garmin device. The real cause of the error which is responsible for the occurrence of Garmin GPS problem is installation of the memory card that contains maps file intended for the different Garmin GPS devise, the case of copying the map file from one device to another, concern with the map file in the respective Garmin, incorrect or missing unlock information for an installed map.fix Garmin GPS fails to Unlock Issue

To Fix Garmin GPS fails to unlock issue you either need to follow the blog steps or connect with our qualified technicians for best of assistance.

Steps to resolve Garmin GPS fails to Unlock Issue:

Step 1: In case of memory card inserted in the device remove the card and restart the machine. In fact, the error message no longer displays there is a locked map on the memory card.

Step 2: In case of memory card being used previously in some other device there are most likely map installed to the card that is only locked to the previous device, and in that case, the map needs to be either delete or reinstalled for the current device to unlock it

Step 3: Maps not be installed to the memory card with MapInstall or Mapsource which were not unlocked for the device. Hence you need to open the device on the computer and then re-install into the memory card

Step 4: In case of the copied map from another expedient, it is needed to delete the preloaded card and use the original card as the preloaded card cannot duplicate.

Step 5: If the issue has occurred as a result of updating the map file, therefore it should be made sure that Garmin Express is up to date and reinstall the maps.

Step 6: If the cause of error message is installing of Downloadable content map, you must re-install the map file and try again

Step 7: In case the connected map is not updated recently. Therefore it is mandatory to update the route using Garmin Express if the update is available.

Avail Best Assistance for Garmin GPS fail Issues

You are free to communicate with qualified, skilled, and certified tech experts via dialing our toll-free number any hour of day and night. To have the best guidelines for fixing the technical issues you need to connect with The professionals are available 24*7 around-the-clock to guide you in every possible manner to stay away from Garmin GPS fail matters for unlocking the map file.

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