Encountering Memory Full Error in Your Garmin GPS?

Apply Brilliant Fixes to Resolve It

Garmin GPS is known for providing navigation solutions and accurate data related to the current route from the satellite. It also saves this data for future reference and uses. And that’s why you might often come across memory full error in your Garmin GPS. Now, that’s not a big issue and it can be resolved by deleting what you don’t need from the device. However, sometimes, you might come across this error even when you have ample space left in the memory of your Garmin GPS. Go through this content to know what you can do to troubleshoot this error.

Reset The Device

Turn off your GPS and restart it. A simple act of resetting the device has the potential of resolving many related errors. Often, it also fixes the memory issues in your Garmin GPS.

Delete Archive Files

Devices have the tendency to archive the files. This eats up their memory and since it stays in the background, we don’t often realize it is happening. Deleting these archive files will solve the issue easily. Here’s how you can delete the archive files in your Garmin GPS device.

For Windows

In order to delete the archive files in Windows, connect your GPS device to your system. For that, you will need Garmin Express, the Garmin app that syncs and manages all the Garmin devices in one place. So, if you don’t have that app, download and install it from the app store or the Garmin website.

After you have connected your device to the system, go to the Garmin GPS folder and click on it to open it. You can usually find this folder in your C drive. If it’s not there, search for it in your system’s search bar. Over there, you will find the archived folder, open it as well. Do not delete the folder. You need to delete the contents inside it. Press CTRL and A together to select the contents of the folder and hit on the delete option. Wait till the files are deleted and leave the few files that the system is unable to delete. They might be useful for the functioning of your device. Restart your device and check if the issue is resolved or not.

For Mac

The process is the same for Mac as well. Use Garmin Express to connect the device to your system. Search for the Garmin GPS folder and double-click on it to open it. Navigate to the archive folder and open it as well. Select the entire content and hit delete. Now, restart your device and check if the issue has resolved or not.

Master Reset

This is usually the last resort for troubleshooting this issue. Hard resetting your device will clear all your data and will bring the device to the factory settings. You can take a backup before performing this process.

To hard reset, your device, disconnect it from your system and connect it to the power outlet. This process won’t work if your device is connected to your system. Turn off the GPS device and wait for about 10 seconds before turning it on. When the loading bar appears, press and hold the bottom right corner of the touchscreen. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to erase all data. Release the screen and press yes. Execute the instructions that follow and wait while your device resets itself. This will resolve the memory full issue for sure.

These are a few easy yet effective ways through which you can resolve the memory full error, especially if you still have ample space left in your device. One of these methods will surely help you to get rid of this error.


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