How to fix Garmin Live Tracking issues?

Garmin devices are GPS technology specialized which are used to track the real-life events. Its GPS running watch, fitness tracker, or even golf watch you can quickly wear and carry anywhere and everywhere. Live Track is that setting of the device which is found in Edge 510, 810 or 1000 and is used to share your location and ride data with friends, family and on social media. Garmin Live Tracking issues

Garmin Live Tracking is one of the most prominent features of the Garmin Edge series. The Real-time chasing is free once set successfully. To set up the real-time tracking settings, you need to set things first. Know how to start tracking online when you begin your ride aren’t that easy. Hence you need to figure out the steps to avoid any technical failure as of which can disturb the Garmin device working. To fix Garmin Live Tracking issues such as not synching or communication error with Garmin Edge 1000 you can follow the blog to know how to set up the application successfully for having the smooth running function.

Follow the blog information for smooth workingof the live tracking

Follow the Requirements for Real-Time monitoring:Basically, you need three things which are for instant Edge 1000, free membership to connect online and training service and free Garmin Connect Mobile application from the store such as Google or Apple, for Android and iPhone.

Steps to set up the application and Online Account: such as you need to set few things before you start tracking your sessions.

Step 1: Sign up the account and connect to Garmin Official Website

Step 2: Concerning the Mobile device you are using you need to download the appropriate Garmin Mobile app

Step 3: Sign into the Garmin connect mobile application with same sign-in information you used to establish the online join account

Synch the Device here Edge 1000:It is required to turn on the Edge 1000 and turn on the smartphone you are using. Turn the Bluetooth capability to sync Bluetooth on your phone with the Edge 1000. You need to visit the settings turning on the Bluetooth and wait for the Edge 1000 to appear in your available devices list

Next is you need to send the tracking invitation for which you need to go to the menu of Gamin Connect application and select the LiveTrack. You can use the invite functionality to invite anyone and everyone who you want to get the track records.

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