How to Fix Garmin Pairing Failed or Unable to Pair Issues With Smartphone?

To enjoy the Garmin vivoactive device, you must pair it with your smartphone be it Android or iOS device and complete the setup using the Garmin Connect Mobile application. When your device gets paired as well, it will allow you to share and analyze data, download additional Connect IQ features from Garmin and other third-party providers. With the advanced and additional features provided to you with the notification and calendar events from your paired smartphone. When such connection formation faces issues, you must not panic. As you are experiencing the Bluetooth connection issues with the Garmin Connect Mobile you may encounter the following mentioned symptoms:

  • Garmin devices connect initially but then falls into a prolonged disconnected state
  • Your device was unable to sync data from the device to Garmin connect
  • Smart notifications will not be able to display on Garmin Device
  • Other Widgets on the device are not working such as weather, calendar, etc.

Follow the steps to troubleshoot the incorrect paired vivoactive device:

The Garmin vivoactive is not the same as other devices that only connect over Bluetooth. To connect your vivoactive to your smartphone, it is required to use the Garmin Connect Mobile application. To troubleshoot the Garmin device button at the top of My Day view of Garmin Connect Mobile you need to follow the instructions provided below. The device button will display the status of your preferred activity tracker.

If you are an android smartphone and iOS users you can follow the steps given below:

Step 1: When you are using the device, and a green dot indicates that your Garmin device is connected and ready for the sync. You need to press the sync icon which is present at the right side of the screen device and hence your data will be synchronized.

Step 2: In case your device is showing red light that signifies connectivity issue which is displayed on the device where My Day view banner is showing the activities. Errors can include the following messages:

  • Bluetooth is displayed on your smartphone
  • Garmin Connect is experiencing an issue or is down for maintenance

You need to solve the issues by resetting the phone settings or waiting for the Garmin Connect to back online

Step 3:When no dot signifies that your Garmin device is paired with your phone but is not connected. For solving the issues you must follow the instructions

  • Confirm your Garmin device is in the range of the smartphone
  • Restart the smartphone and the Garmin Device by rebooting each of them typically solving the most connected issues. Allow up to 60 seconds for it to fully boot up and then for 30seconds to connect Proceed to next instructions if this does not work for the issues you are facing
  • Remove, and then you are required to add the Garmin device back to Connect Mobile.

Step 4: If the plus icon is displayed then that indicates there is no device paired with Connect Mobile. Press the icon to select your device and follow the instructions carefully to add it to Connect Mobile

In case you are still experiencing the Garmin pairing issues you are required to get in touch with Maps Updates. The experts will assist you in the right direction of problem-solving. Hence, get connected with and solve the problem you are facing.


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