How to Fix the Windows Application Log Error (Esu.Exe)

Fix the Windows Application Log Error

How to Fix the Windows Application Log Error (Esu.Exe)?

Garmin is a high tech navigation device that will keep you in the right direction, no matter whether you are at know or unknown place. Garmin map can help you to find any area, restaurant, hotel, mall, etc. near you. But if in case, you face windows application Log Error (Esu.Exe) with your Garmin device, there is no need to worry. This post will help you to resolve this error.

To solve this problem, you need to understand what is esu.exe. It is actually a filename that indicates an executable file. Such files can harm your device becomes in some cases it may be a trojan that you need to remove. To do so, you need to perform the below-mentioned points:

  1. Disable System Restore: Trojans have a dangerous habit of infecting your System Restore points, which can cause your device to continue to get infected, even after you remove the virus. So you need to follow the following steps:
  • Open the System properties of the device. You can locate this by right-clicking on the system and selecting the option of “Properties.”
  • In the next step, click on the “System protection” link.
  • Now, you need to click the configure button.
  • You need to disable the system protection and delete all of the restore points saved on your device. This will guarantee that the virus does not replicate through the System Restore. You can re-enable System Restore once the virus has been removed.
  1. Install an anti-malware program, if you haven’t it:

There are numerous good free options available, including Malwarebytes or Avast!. You can download this software to protect the device from such malicious attacks.

  1. Reboot into Safe Mode:

Reboot your system and repeatedly hit the F8 key until the option of the “Advanced Boot” menu appears. Select the option of Safe Mode, or Safe Mode with Networking if you want to download files during the removal process.

  1. Uninstall any unfamiliar programs:

Trojans often install applications that you didn’t approve of. Once you are in the option of  Safe mode, open the Control Panel option and select Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features. Browse the list of any applications that you did not authorize and uninstall them.

  1. Start the scan with your anti-malware program.

This method can take some hours depending on the number of files that you are having on your system:

  • Your scan may identify a virus and successfully remove it. If this occurs, run the scan again in the Safe Mode. If nothing is detected, reboot your system and rescan it after booting normally. If the virus is not detected, then you are most likely in the clear vulnerabilities.
  • Your scan may detect infection but be unable to eliminate it. If this happens, copy the specific name of the virus and enter it into the search at one of the major antivirus companies, like Norton or Kaspersky. You should be able to find removal instructions on the specific virus that you are infected with.
  • If your scan may not detect anything, install a different anti-malware program and try to rescan the device. If the second anti-malware program does not return any results, and you are sure that your device is infected with some virus, backup your data and format your system.

These steps will help you in fixing the Windows Application Log Error (Esu.Exe) issue. But if in case you are not able to solve the error, you can contact The professionals will sort out the issue in a minimal amount of time and can make your Garmin express error-free.

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