Garmin Connect App Not Working

Garmin Connect App Not Working?  Here’s How To Fix This

Using the Garmin Connect app, you can directly upload data from the compatible devices. Also, you can access and send Courses widget to your device. With the help of this app, you can add new workouts and build new courses. However, millions of users have encountered certain issues that lead to the Garmin Connect app not working. They try to add the Garmin gadget to the Garmin Connect but, the app is unable to find the device. 

Facing the same problem? Don’t worry, as you have just reached the right place. Thoroughly, check the rest of the content before applying any fixing techniques for Garmin Connect.

Fixes you Can Apply if Garmin Connect Mobile App not Working

Before moving to the solution section, ensure that the Garmin gadget is within the Bluetooth range of your Android device. Once, you have assured it, then follow the given solutions. 

Solution 1: Reopen the Garmin Connect Application

The first thing that you have to do is to forcibly close the Garmin Connect app and reopen it after some time.

Apple Users

If you use iPhone X or an iPad with iOS 12, then first move to the Home Screen. Then proceed to the bottom of the screen and pause slightly in the middle of the screen.



If you are using iPhone 8 or earlier version, first, double-click on the Home button. Then, you will see all the recently used applications on the device’s display. Furthermore, you must to swipe right or left in order to locate the app that you wish to close.

Now, to close the application, you should swipe up on the application’s preview. Once it is closed, then reopen the Garmin Connect application. 

Android Users

If you are an Android user, whenever you launch the Garmin Connect app, it continuously runs in the background. Even if you move to other pages, it will still run in the background. However,  by following the given instructions, you can close the app.

  • At first, you need to locate and choose the recent applications key on your Android phone.
  • The touchscreen key and the touchscreen icon totally depends on the Android model.  However, in most cases, you will see it at the bottom of the screen. So, if you are confused, you can check out the phone’s manual.
  • From the available options, you need to locate the Garmin Connect application and close it. You might see the option as ‘Close All’.                                                                                                                                                              


Once you have successfully closed the application, reopen it to check whether Garmin Connect is working or not.

Solution 2: Turn off the Garmin Device and Switch it on

Simply, press the Power button of your Garmin device to switch it off. Now, wait for a while and again press the Power tab in order to turn it on. 



Unfortunately, if the Garmin device does not have the Power button, you should use the charging cable and plug it to an external outlet. Now, when you connect an external power source, your device will reboot automatically.

Solution 3: Turn on the Bluetooth on your Device

If you are an iPhone user, first, navigate to the main menu. From there, proceed to the ‘Settings’ section. From the list of options, choose the Bluetooth button. Next, mark the box next to the Bluetooth option. After that, the Bluetooth device will be automatically turned on.



In case, you are using an Android device, find and open the Settings menu. Within the Settings, scroll down and select the ‘Wireless & network’ option. 

Here, you have to find the Bluetooth switch and turn it on. In addition, you should reboot your phone.

Solution 4: Remove the Garmin Device and Add it Again

Now, you should remove the Garmin device if the app is still not working somehow.


Android Users

First, open the Garmin Connect app. Afterwards, choose the menu button. On the next page, scroll down and choose the Garmin device option.

Then, press and hold the icon that you wish to remove. A pop-up box might appear on the screen, so choose ‘Remove Device’ option. 

Next, move to the device’s Settings section and select the Bluetooth option. Now, under the ‘Paired Devices’, you should select the Garmin icon that you wish to remove. Choose the ‘Unpair’ option.

Finally, reboot your Garmin gadget as well as your Android device. 

Apple Users

At first, navigate to the Garmin Connect app. Afterwards, choose the ‘More’ option. On the next page, locate and choose the Garmin device option. Also, choose the image of the Garmin device that you wish to remove. 

Next, click on the ‘Remove Device’. Click on ‘Yes’ and confirm the changes. Proceed to Settings and touch the Bluetooth option.  Then, select the ‘Forget This Device’ option. Now, try to forcibly close the Garmin Connect app. 

Restart both the Garmin device and your phone after performing these steps.

How to Add a Device to the Garmin Connect Application?

Once you have successfully removed the Garmin icon, proceed to add the device in the Garmin Connect App.  So, Android users should select the three-dot button, which is present at the upper left corner. 

If you are an Apple user, choose the ‘More’ option. Choose Garmin Device on the next page. Afterwards, click on the ‘Add Device’ option. 

Next, you need to select your device. After that, you should put the Garmin device in the pairing mode. It will allow the Garmin Connect application to find the device.

To find out the pairing details, first, go to the Settings section of your device. From there, move to the Bluetooth or Phone. Furthermore, select the ‘Pair Mobile Device’ or ‘Pair Phone’ option.

Then, follow the instructions and complete the remaining process. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will be able to resolve the error due to which the Garmin Connect app not working.


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