Garmin Express Won’t Install

[Fixed] Garmin Express Won’t Install Issue

You can experience the Garmin Express won’t install issues due to multiple reasons. Most of the time, if your Windows 10 device does not have sufficient space, and also due to the outdated .NET framework, it can lead to this glitch.

Also, if you have not updated your Operating System for a long time, as a result, you might have to deal with the error. Dealing with the same issue and wish to instantly get rid of it? Then this passage might work as a saviour to you.

Check out the rest of the content and apply those solutions to overcome this installation error.

Reliable Hacks to Fix Garmin Express Won’t Install Windows 10 Issue:

Here are the solutions that you can try to fix the Garmin Express won’t install error on your own.

Solution 1: Use the Compatibility Mode

In case, you have failed to install the application, then it is quite possible that the Garmin Express for Windows 10 version app is not supported.

In such a condition, you are strongly advised to run the application in the Compatibility mode. To do so, thoroughly follow the given points.

  • First, you have to download the application to an accessible location. Then, you should right-click on it and select Properties from the available options.
  • Under Properties, locate and tap on the Compatibility option. Afterwards, select the box next to the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ option. 
  • Furthermore, from the dropbox, you must choose your Windows 10 version. Then, right-click on it and choose ‘Run as administrator’ from the available options.
  • Furthermore, reboot your computer and try to install the application.

If you have successfully done so, then your job is over. Else, take a look at the next solution.

Solution 2: Install the Latest Version of the .NET Framework

Without the .NET files, you will be unable to install the Garmin Express. Hence, update into the .NET framework and then try to install the Garmin Express.

To implement the task, follow the given below guidelines.

  • In the beginning, you have to open a Run dialog box. For that, simultaneously press the Windows and R keys together on the keyboard.
  • Once the Run dialog box opens, enter the ‘Control Panel’ within the Run field. Then, hit the Enter key in order to open the Control Panel window.
  • Within the Control panel, scroll down and select the Programs option that is present at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • This will lead to the Programs and Features option. Here, scroll down, find out and select the ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ option. 
  • Afterwards, unmark the box next to the ‘.NET’ option. Now, the NET framework will be uninstalled. Keep patience as the uninstalling procedure might take some time to complete. In order to save the changes, press the OK key.
  • Again, open the Windows and select all the boxes that you have unmarked earlier. Finally, reboot your computer and try to install the Garmin Express.

If it is successfully installed, restart your computer to take the effect of the changes. However, if not, give the next solution a chance to fix the issue.

Solution 3- Use the Garmin Core Update

Have you already applied the above two solutions and none of them work for you, right? Then here is another alternative that you can try to fix the issue. For this, follow the given below steps.

Step 1

First, you should open the Run dialog box. Hope you might know how to open it. Once the  Run dialog box is opened, enter ‘service.msc’ within the input field. Don’t forget to hit the Enter key.

This will lead to the Services window. From there, scroll down and locate the Garmin Core Update Services’ option.

Step 2

Afterwards, right-click on it and choose Properties from the context menu. Next, tap on the Log on Option and furthermore, select “This Account’ option.

Choose the Browse button from the next page and enter ‘Network Service’ within the given field. Then, tap on ‘Check Names’ and hit the OK button.

Step 3

Next, you have to clear the password fields and click twice on the OK button. The next thing that you should do is to right-click on the Garmin Core Update Service. Hit the Stop button.

Again, right-click on the Garmin Core Update Service and thereafter, select the Start button.  Reboot your system and check whether the won’t installation issue has been troubleshot or not.

If you are still unlucky, don’t panic, try the next one.

Solution 4: Update your Windows

Millions of users have encountered the same issue and after updating the Windows to its latest version, they quickly overcome it. Now, to implement the task, here are the instructions that need to be followed.

  • First, you should simultaneously press the Windows and S keys together on the keyboard in order to open the Search menu. 
  • Type ‘Windows Update’ within the search box as well as hit the Enter key. 
  • Now, within the Update Settings, you should select the ‘Check for Updates’ option. Afterwards, Windows will automatically search for the available updates.
  • If any update is found, it will automatically update it to its best-recommended version.

Wait for sometimes as depending on the file size, the upgrading procedure might take some time to complete. Once done, then reboot your Windows 10 device and try to install the Garmin Express.

Solution 5: Remove the Garmin Express Configuration Files

So, the above four solutions are not able to bring the required solution for you and you are still dealing with the issue? then you are advised to delete the corrupt Garmin Express configuration files.  

In order to do so, first, simultaneously press the Windows and R keys on the keyboard to open the Run dialog box. Once the Run box opens, enter ‘%localappdata%’ in the given field as well as hit the Enter key.

Next, right-click on the Garmin_LTD or its subsidy folder. After that, press the Delete key. If you see a confirmation message, again hit the Delete option.

These are the top 5 solutions to eliminate this Garmin Express won’t install error. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve this issue by applying any of the solutions mentioned here.

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