Garmin Launched Connect IQ 3.0 With All New Amazing Apps and Features

Launched Connect IQ 3.0 With All New Amazing APPS & FEATURES

In the annual Connect IQ, Garmin industry launched Connect IQ 3.0 for Garmin wearable’s, bike computers, and other outdoor handheld gadgets. The connect IQ was launched three years back and have more than 4 million app downloads on more than eight million compatible devices. The newly launched version Garmin Connect IQ 3.0 opens up  Garmin’s audio player platform, allows third parties also to integrate music. It consists of other features like Podcast, audiobook, integrated Garmin’s onboard maps expanded system of notification. Along with these features, some other applications were also being announced including the following:

  • MySwimPro: This app is helpful for swimmers and is going to take their training to the next level. To use this app all you need to do is pair your watch with the iPhone or Android app. This will allow you to join with other swimmers that are training with the custom-tailored swim workouts, training plans, educational videos, swim tracker, etc.
  • Trailforks: This app is intended to help mountain bikers in downloading routes and trails to their Edge devices. It gives you the best interactive trail maps, custom-designed for mountain biking. It also gathers instant demographic information about the riders on your trails.
  • Yelp by Garmin: With the help of this amazing app, the edge bike computer riders will be able to find a place for lunch. It will find nearby restaurants, services, and local businesses. You can get to know that where you want to go for is currently open or closed.
  • iHeartRadio: Earlier this feature was in Forerunner 645 Music, but now this is available on Connect IQ 3.0. This app will launch support offline playlist syncing for the premium subscribers.
  • GU data field: The new GU Data Field 2.0 application alerts the runners and bikers when to take a packet of GU during the ride or run. It will remind you to fuel your muscles and keep you a head-on journey. Therefore, you need not bother about keeping track of how much you have eaten.

This was all about the concept and characteristics of the  Connect IQ 3.0 developed by Garmin. If you still have any doubts or if you want to know more about the product do contact the manufacturer. As well as the experts can give you information for other devices and models of Garmin regarding Garmin Connect IQ support, Garmin Nuvi support, Garmin Express support, Garmin Topo support, Garmin golf course map support and many more that too in a minimal amount of time.

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