Garmin Navigator eTrex 10 Guide and Reviews

The ideal tourist navigation called “Garmin eTrex 10” started its work again in 2012 and has since gained a sufficient number of these fans. Of the whole series, this model has not only passed the previous versions but also of many other producers.

“Garmin eTrex 10”

In general terms, the device can say a lot but only select its main features and functions. Unique navigator “Garmin eTrex 10” has an excellent feature set and sufficiently robust construction, and we must not forget the availability and terms of work, as much as 25 hours. The new model is a significant improvement could be seen in the interface, adding a world map, geocaching without paper documents.

There is also a processor with sufficiently high sensitivity and versatile technology. Sam navigator is able to determine the location of the owner immediately and very accurately. It supports communication with a particular satellite, therefore, even in the desert of woods, ravines or near high signal structures will be determined with good accuracy.

Ease of use: The new “Garmin eTrex 10” has received excellent reviews for its ease of use and simple interface, accessible to all. Overall dimensions of the device are quite small, so in your pocket, it can be worn completely anywhere. Furthermore, housing construction itself has certain indentations and protrusions, which help create comfort when a person holds in his hand.

The device features a new display model, which shows an image that is pleasing to the visual perception. Absolutely every condition of light did not prevent brightness and clarity.

Random placement in the water for half an hour or so no longer worsen his work, and for all the time spent in the liquid system does not stop. A force that is the culmination of the manufacturer, protects against the penetration of dust, dirt, and moisture to internal components.

Geocaching: Very good more in the “Garmin eTrex 10” is that it has the support of all geocaching GPX-files. This way you can download various caches in all areas, as well as their descriptions directly in the device.

Special sensors integrated into the browser, store and quickly reproduce on the screen all the basic information of interest to the user. This map includes all the suggestions, descriptions of complexity, as well as the exact place. All this will help tourists who like to travel in unusual places, without knowing the exact route.

Due to the user deliberately abandons geocaching records on plain paper, thus preserving nature. And at the same time, the geocaching efficiency greatly increased and allows to improve the operation.

Around the world

A portable navigator a new model called “Garmin eTrex 10” is designed for general consumption. It is able to simultaneously receive signals to and from GPS satellites, and “Glonass” (Russian system). The new Russian system finds the time the object is 20% faster than the international standard system.

During the use of the two systems signals received together are increased to 24, against only the GPS system.

Total: Excellent device model has a black and white display with 2.2 inches and an excellent resolution. Navigator “Garmin eTrex 10” is controlled by a joystick and a few, which are located side keys.

The memory can accommodate about 1,000 specified waypoints, either manually or automatically. In addition, the device has stable moisture protection, as well as touch keys and special plugs.

Monochrome display type receiver with high sensitivity provides excellent work without errors and interference. Power is supplied by a pair of AA batteries.


Garmin eTrex 10In fact, in the instructions “Garmin eTrex 10” it is quite simple to understand, no special skills are required. You only need to follow the actions step by step, fixed with the device or found on the Internet. Reviews “Garmin eTrex 10” In basic terms, it is only necessary to know the installation ones:

  1. The order of the main menu that you want to adjust the first one. This is done by pressing the “Menu” button and then find the desired item.
  2. The second step is necessary to configure access to pages. After ordering the menu you need to press the “back” button and enter in normal contexts. You are asked to choose a sequence of pages if you wish. Keep in mind that they will disappear from the main menu.
  3. Data fields are modified by the user. This is simply done. You only need to find the “Menu” button and click on “Change Data Fields”. This is done very rarely because it does not bring very good.
  4. In this model, available as much as 4 profile, you can also change the situation in the main menu settings. The user is equipped with these types: geocaching, recreation, fitness, and marine
  5. In addition to these fields, you can customize only the toolbar, it will be much easier. This panel will be displayed on each card. Here you need to access the “Main Menu” and change the toolbar. To change the map need to go to the usual “Menu”, and follow this path: Inserting the paper toolbar-Data field. This method is the most interesting and convenient compared to conventional fields.

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Garmin eTrex 10 Reviews

Of course, the “Garmin eTrex 10” navigator finds more positive reviews than negative ones.  Customer dissatisfaction is expressed only in the absence of the installed cards and lock the joystick.

But despite this, the advantages of this model a lot more. The device is compact and does not provide discomfort when moving from a point to a completely different one. The settings are simple and clear to all, without arcane terms and obscure functions. The battery life can only rejoice because for the tourist model is ideal.

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