What is Garmin Recovery Advisor and how does it work?

Garmin Recovery Advisor is a feature of the device which you can use with a heart rate monitor to display how much time remains before you are fully recovered from any injury and ready for the next hard work out or good pace of running. The technology Recovery Advisor technology is provided support by the first beat in case forerunner 230/235. The Forerunner 920XT has used your Garmin device paired with the heart rate monitor to display how much remains before you are fully recovered and ready for the next hard workout. The Garmin Recovery Advisor feature includes a recovery timer and recovery check.

Recovery Check provides a real-time indication of your state of recovery within the first several minutes of activity.

Recovery Time appears immediately the following activity. The time counts down until it is optimal for you to attempt another hard workout.

Now you must learn how to turn on the recovery advisor

Before you can use the Garmin Recovery Advisor feature, you need to turn on the heart rate monitor and pair it with your device. If your forerunner was packaged with a heart rate monitor, the devices are already paired. To have the most accurate and estimated you complete the user profile setup and set your maximum heart rate.

Follow steps you turn on the Garmin Recovery Advisory

Step 1: Select the My stats> Recovery Advisor>status> ON

Step 2: Go for a run that can be found within several minutes of your run, a recovery check appears showing your real-time state of recovery

Step 3: After the run, you need to save. The recovery time appears and the maximum time is 4days and the minimum time is 6 hours.

You can communicate with Garmin.com/Express. With no more worry, you can get the Recovery advisor working appropriately and efficiently.

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