How to update maps on Garmin Device

To ensure that the information in Garmin Nuvi has always been relevant, its owner should know how to update the maps on the Garmin navigator. To do this, you can use two methods: buy license cards or download them for free from unofficial sources.

Official versions

The license update of the data provides for two options: one-time downloading of the latest maps; lifelong participation in the club Garmin. The second method will make available all new updates during the life of the navigator.

The purchase is made on the Garmin website or in any official store of the company. With online purchase, you can pay for the purchase either by bank transfer (with the help of a bank card or through the electronic payment system or by cash to the courier when the order is delivered.

Important! Before buying, you need to log in to my Garmin’s personal account. If there is no account, you must first create one.

How do I download the official version of the updated data?

How to update maps on Garmin Device

How to update maps on Garmin Device

First of all, you need to connect Nuvi to the computer and wait for it to fully boot. The following actions look like this: If the Garmin Express application is not already installed on the PC (thanks to which it can interact with Garmin Nuvi), you will need to install it. You can download the program on Register your navigation device in the application. In the application, go to the “Update” menu, where you can see the available map updates (including those just purchased). Near this tab, click “Show details” and then “Install”. Before installation, the system will ask you to accept the user agreement. Wait until the download is complete. The updated data will be downloaded to the application first, after which it will be sent to the device. The process is short and takes about 5 minutes. Then you can close the application, disconnect Nuvi from the computer. The Navigator will reboot and updated maps will be available on it.

Installing an Informal Update

Before adding a map to the navigator, you should make sure that its format is suitable for the navigation program on the device. In addition, this program must support the updating of its data. Data can be downloaded from various sources.

The most popular resource is OpenStreetMap. Maps from it can be imported for free to your devices. First, you need to download them to your PC, changing the name of the downloaded file to gmapsupp.img (if its name is different).

Important! Only some devices can store more than one gmapsupp.img file. In most cases, only one such file can be used on the Garmin navigator.

After downloading, you can proceed with the installation:

  1. Connect the device to the computer. If the navigator has an SD card, it should be inserted into the card-reader PC.
  2. Switch the navigator to USB Mass Storage mode, which will allow transferring data from and to Nuvi (“Interface” – “Settings” – “USB Mass Storage”).
  3. Open Garmin Nuvi on the computer (or an SD card from him), then go to the Garmin or Map folder and transfer the gmapsupp.img file there.
  4. After the copying has been completed, you can disconnect Nuvi from the computer. In most models 1xxx (Garmin Nuvi 1300, Nuvi 1410 and others) on the device, there is no folder Map and Garmin. In this case, you need to open a device on your PC (for example, Garmin Nuvi 1410) and create a folder in it, and then transfer the file to it.

After disconnecting from the computer, the GPS device must reboot, and the updated map becomes available. In order to use it, you need to disconnect the old card:

  1. In the “Tools” menu, click “Settings”.
  2. Select “Map”, then “Advanced”. Remove the tick from the base card and put it next to the new one.
  3. Now Nuvi will use the updated data by default.

Now Nuvi will use the updated data by default.

Which way is better? Each owner of the navigator has the right to choose how he will update the data on his device. Unlicensed cards can be downloaded for free, but there will be no technical support and updates. In addition, in such cases, there is never 100% confidence in their safety and performance. For Garmin Nuvi license cards you have to pay, but they are completely safe and well-functioning, and in case of any problems you can contact for help.

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