How Do I Update My Garmin Maps For Free

How Do I Update My Garmin Maps For Free? Learn the Best Ways

Driving to an unknown location can be made much easier with a Global positioning system unit such as a Garmin map. You can keep a track of the direction where you are going by navigating through Garmin map. But you might get several problems while navigating through your Garmin map if you do not update it on a timely basis. Once you install the updated version of the Garmin map, you will avail some new features on it. At any instance, if you are not able to perform the update process for the Garmin maps, then you have to face a very annoying situation. To help you out, we are going to discuss all the important steps of how to  update the Garmin maps for free. Let’s check out the step-by-step procedures to do that.

How to Update Garmin Maps for Free?

With the help of the Garmin Express, you can easily update the Garmin maps and that too free of cost. The steps involved in updating are different for Windows and iOS devices.

If you have a question “how do I update my Garmin maps for free”, then you will get your answer in this post. Hence, go through the following steps properly.



To update the Garmin map, you need a USB cable. Here we have discussed the steps for both your Windows and iOS devices, so check them out.

Step 1

First of all, you need to connect your device with a high-speed internet connection. Next, open a web browser on your device and move to the official website of the Garmin Express.

Step 2

After that, navigate to the reliable source of the Garmin Express to download the latest version of the Garmin maps. Afterwards, compare and make sure that you have checked all the requirements of the system properly.

Step 3

In the next step, click on the Download button and soon the downloading process of the Garmin maps will start. When the downloading process gets completed, you need to install it on your device.

Step 4

It will take some time to complete the installation process. Thereafter, open the Garmin Express application on your device. Then, get started to add a device from the Garmin Express from the Home screen. After plugging in your device in the Garmin Express, you will be guided through the setup process.

Step 5

You can register your device quickly by adding your email address if you want. Due to this, whenever any updated version is available, you will be notified. After adding your device to the application, you need to bring it to its dashboard section. You will get all the updates for your device in the Update section.

Step 6

In case, if you want to add more than one device in Garmin Express, then click on the Home icon to get back to the Home screen. Anytime you want to view available updates for your device, select the device from the Home screen of the Garmin Express.

Step 7

You can easily install any available updates with just one click or view the details to learn more about the updates from the dashboard of the device. Then you will be guided through the update process step by step.

Step 8

New updates of the Garmin maps often hold more road details and points of interest that the maps they are replacing take up more space. In this situation, Garmin Express will help you where there is not enough space on your device to hold this new data. Some of the devices are supported by micro SD cards or an SD card. Thus, you might need to expand storage space on your device. You will find these cards at most major retail outlets.

In case, if your device is not supported by a micro SD card, then that does not mean that you are not able to install the new version of the Garmin map. Garmin Express can provide you with the regional maps option. After successfully updating the Garmin maps, now you can easily access the maps without facing any kind of difficulties.

Undoubtedly, these are the most effective steps that you need to go through to update the Garmin map. Follow all the steps properly and apply them accordingly. It is advisable that you do not skip any of the steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can you update an old Garmin?

You can update on old Garmin with the help of the Garmin Express. To update it, you need to download the Garmin Express from the official website of Garmin. In order to install on a Windows device, select the Download for Windows option. Then you need to download the Mac version in order to install it for your Mac devices.

#2. What is Garmin Lifetime Maps?

Most of the users use Garmin for free. But if they want to use subscriptions of the Garmin maps, then they can opt for the Lifetime Maps. Due to this, you do not have to check for updates regularly. When an updated version is available, you will be notified to update the latest version.

#3. How do I connect my Garmin GPS to my computer?

To connect the Garmin GPS on your laptop, go through the steps described below.

  1. You need to connect Garmin GPS with your device via USB cable. Connect one end of the USB cable with your device and the other end with the mini USB port of the Garmin GPS.
  2. Now, you will find an image on the screen of the GPS. Then, click on the Start button and press the Computer option to launch the web browser.
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