The importance of GPS and destinations

Have you ever thought about the importance of GPS? I tried it and I confirm that the system is amazing and totally effective.

Recently I contacted a client, who was in another city distant from mine (approximately 4 hours away by car and we were in pick up a merchandise that had sold to him in another city different than more than 1 hour and a half from time in Carro where I was and for him these hours were added in. The fact is that he told me do not worry, I travel with the GPS, tell me the destination coordinates and see you there. (He had never visited the place, I did not know him)

For those who do not yet know GPS, its acronym means GLOBAL POSITION SYSTEM global navigation satellite system (GNSS) allows to determine worldwide the position of an object, a person or a vehicle with an accuracy of up to centimeters although it usual are a few meters of precision.

The system was developed, installed and used by the Department of Defense of the United States.

The GPS system consists of 24 satellites and uses triangulation to determine the position of the globe with an accuracy of more or less meters.

For this reason I consider that as a traveler it is ideal to have a GPS locator to reach not only your destination but also to know times, alternate roads, points of interest in the area or other relevant information that will increase the experience when traveling.

The use of GPS has grown so much and has so many uses due to its usefulness. its varied uses in the civilian world, because in the military it is very important, we can find

  • Land (and pedestrian), maritime and air navigation. Many cars incorporate it nowadays, being especially useful to find directions or indicate the situation to the crane. Mobile phones
  • Topography and geodesy.
  • Construction (Leveling of land, slope cuts, laying of pipes, etc).

Agricultural location (precision agriculture), livestock and fauna.

Salvage and rescue.

Sport, camping and leisure.

APRS Application similar to the management of fleets, in open mode for Radio amateurs

For locating the sick, disabled and minors.

Scientific applications in field work (see geomatics).

Geo caching, sports activity consisting of searching for “treasures” hidden by other users.

For vehicle tracking and recovery.

Sports navigation.

Aerial sports: paragliding, hang gliding, gliders, etc.

There are those who draw using tracks or play using movement as a cursor (common in Garmin GPS).

Fleet management and security systems.

Do not stay behind, join the experience of having a GPS, it is interesting, fun, and very useful. If you need to have more information about these products and even order one of them for your use you can visit the website of the spy shop . There are a variety of models to choose from.

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