How to Install and Update Maps in the GPS Navigator – 5 Popular Navigation Systems

Without a navigator, a modern motorist can not do without. It is thanks to the cards on these devices that the owners of vehicles easily navigate the roads and do not risk losing their course. However, in order for the device to provide only up-to-date information, its software should be periodically updated. And although at first the task looks uneasy, in practice anybody will cope with it. And we’ll talk about how to update the map on the GPS-navigator quickly and without problems.

Why you need to update maps in the Navigator

Improved versions of GPS maps appear on average once every 6 months. Both experienced mapmakers and webmasters with experience take part in their creation.

Each updated map differs from the previous extended coverage area. This area includes houses that were erected in recent months, new interchanges and roads. In addition, changed maps correct those inaccuracies that were found in previous versions. And although some errors can occur even further, the efficiency of the GPS-navigator with each new version significantly increases.

By the way, users of some auto navigators can personally participate in improving the performance of these devices. For example, Garmin devices allow you to send a portion of the map where an inaccuracy was committed to the developer for further correction.

What you need to update the navigator

Almost all popular auto navigation systems provide the ability to quickly and free update maps on autonavigators. Therefore, with the actualization of GPS maps, you can easily manage on your own.

What do you need for this?

  • A computer or laptop with a network connection.
  • Directly navigator. Make sure it’s loaded.
  • USB cable for connecting the device to the computer. As a rule, this cord comes with the device itself.

And prepare to ensure that you take time to complete all necessary actions. The fact is that “weigh” cards, as a rule, a lot. If your Internet connection does not differ greatly by speed, then prepare to wait.


  1. How to install, update Navitel maps

For a long time these navigation maps have been considered one of the best. Navitel prepares updates for release on average once every six months and allows you to install them for free. You can perform the installation in two ways – through the computer and through the menu of the corresponding program. You can only choose the most suitable and convenient for you specifically.


  1. Use of software.

How to update Navitel GPS Navigator from the application menu? To do this, you must first check the availability of an Internet connection. Since the “weigh” cards a lot, it is desirable to download them using Wi-Fi.

On your navigation device, open the Navitel Navigator program and in its menu find the “Updates” section. Now click on the “Update All” button. Before you open a window with a detailed description of all available maps. Pressing the “Update” button will give you permission to download them. No more actions are required of you.

  1. Update on the computer .

Before you begin downloading maps, you must first update the Navitel Navigator application along with the activation file.

Then proceed as follows:

Open the official website of Navitel and log into your account.

In the section titled “My devices” you will see a list of available updates for your license. Of course, this is only if the navigator is already in the list of devices in your personal account. If not, take a little time to add it.

Choose from the list of cards those that correspond to the version of Navitel Navigator that is installed on your device.

On the right side of the name of each of the cards listed in the list is the “Download” button. It should now be pressed.

The file that you download will have the extension .nm7. Install it on your personal computer.

Now, when the necessary improvement has already been downloaded, it remains to install it on the autonavigator. Connect the navigation device to a personal computer or laptop. This can be done either using a USB cable, or using a memory card.

Open the folder on the device where the cards are located, and erase the old files. Instead, move the folder to the new version of the maps that were downloaded the day before. As if I did not want to leave old and new files on the device, this should not be done. The matter is that different versions can appear incompatible among themselves, that as a result will break normal work of the navigator. Therefore, deleting old maps is a necessary step.

If you save the downloaded files to their assigned folder, disconnect the autonavigator from the computer.

Turn on the device and open Navitel Navigator on it. Updating the terrain will now end automatically.

  1. How to download and update maps in Garmin

It is also necessary to update Garmin maps from time to time, because the updated versions of them contain more accurate data, exactly which you will not have to doubt. It is thanks to their improved versions that your car navigator will be well-oriented on the streets and calculate the most accurate and convenient routes on the way to the intended goal.

If it’s time to update the navigation data of Garmin, then a special application called Garmin Express will help in this. It exists in two versions – for Windows and for Apple computers. In other words, users of both popular operating systems will be able to use convenient cards.

So, how do I update my Garmin GPS-navigator ? The installation itself is carried out in stages. And it is necessary to act as follows:

  1. Open the computer and go to the Garmin2. You will then see an offer to download the program either for Windows or for Mac. Choose the option that suits you.3. Download the file and install it on your computer or laptop in accordance with the instructions. The program is installed in the normal mode.4. After the Garmin Express program has been finally installed, start it. Let it remain open on your computer desktop.5. Meanwhile, take your GPS-navigator and connect it to the PC. Use a standard USB cable for this purpose.6. On the computer screen immediately after you have connected the autonavigator, a window will appear with a message about the detection of a new device. Click on the button “Add device”.7. Now go back to the Garmin Express application. It has also displayed a new added device. In order to add it to the program, follow the instructions offered by the application itself.8. If all previous actions were completed successfully, Garmin Express immediately proceeds to search for existing updates. It’s about upgrading the software for the car navigation system, and about finding better versions of maps.9. Pretty soon there will be a wide range of available updates available. If you think all of them are necessary and useful, then just click on the “Install All” button. After that, all available improvements will be installed on your device. But if you are not sure what update you need, then click on “More”. This will allow you to read about what exactly carries this or that update, and then decide whether you need to install it.10. The selected updates will be downloaded and installed on your device by Garmin Express.

Pay attention to the fact that maps and updates to them, as a rule, weigh a lot. And this means that the process of downloading and installing them will take a lot of time. Especially in the event that the Internet connection is not very good, and the download speed is slow. So please be patient and be prepared to wait.

  1. Installing and updating the software CityGuide

Users of the CityGid navigation service today also have a lot. If you are also one of them, then when installing the updates for the cards, proceed as follows:


First of all, you need to go to the official website of the navigation system. And already from there to my “Personal Cabinet”.

Open the column called “All Licenses”, where you will see a long list of different licenses. In this list, find yours.

Your next step should be to install an updated version of the application. To do this, you need the “Update” button. Remember, you can not go back to the old version.

After you have chosen to update the program, the site will ask you to leave the system and then re-enter it, re-entering the password and login. Perform these actions, and then already in the list of available maps you will see the actual updates for you. Select the desired one and press the “Download” button.

Upload the file to your PC.

  1. Like the updates for the program, improved maps are also presented in your Personal Account in the category with the appropriate name. You can choose and download any of them at any time. Remember that the list of available options will depend directly on your license.
  2. If your car navigator does not have access to the Internet, like, for example, GARMIN Drive 50 Navlux , then it makes sense to download more and road conditions.
  3. All the downloaded files are moved to the folder created in advance on the PC. Give it the name CGMaps.
  4. The next step is to remove the previously downloaded program file from the archive. As a result, you will have two daddies – INET and NOINET. The first will be needed if your navigator can go online. The second – if you can not.
  5. Connect your GPS device to your PC. You can do this with a USB cable if you plan to store information in its built-in data store. If it should be stored on the device’s memory card, then remove the card from the device and place it in the card reader. |
  6. Open the contents of the device on the computer and drop the CityGuide folder extracted from either INET or NOINET.
  7. Then place the CGMaps inside the CityGuide folder.
  8. After that, you can already disable the navigation device and run the corresponding program on it.
  9. Put the navigator in an open place so that it can successfully configure the COM port and find its location. Often this process takes up to an hour, and therefore be patient.

4.How to install, update the Yandex software. Navigator

Software Yandex. Navigator can also be quickly and easily updated with your own hands. What should be done for this? In reality, everything is extremely simple. You just need to keep a sequence of specific actions.


  1. In order to download a map, open the toolbar. To do this, just touch the bottom of your browser screen.
  2. In the menu that opens, navigate to the settings and open the “Download maps” section.
  3. The next step is to find the desired city. There are two ways to do this. The first option is just to find it in the list provided, which is not so difficult, because all the cities in the list are arranged in alphabetical order. The second way is to start typing the name of the city in the search box and then just select it in the provided hints.
  4. After that, you will see information about the amount of free memory on the device that is required to successfully load the card. And if it is enough, you can surely start downloading. If the memory is not enough, then, if necessary, you can put the information not on the device, but on the memory card.

If desired, also configure auto-update. You can also do this in the “Updating maps” section. To load maps no longer have to deal with manually, run the function “Automatic”. Note that navigational files are much easier to download over Wi-Fi, since mobile Internet resources are often not enough. To download does not start at the wrong time, select “Only on Wi-Fi”. This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Sometimes it also becomes necessary to remove one or the other card. It is also very simple to do this. It’s enough to go to Settings in the Menu and go to the “Download and delete” category. That’s where the downloaded maps are stored. Mark the required and press the “Erase” key. Immediately after that, a window will appear asking you to confirm the action. Press the delete key again. That’s all. The cards that have lost their relevance will be permanently erased from the device’s memory .

5.IGO Installation and Upgrade

The iGO navigation system is on the list of the most noteworthy. Its new versions are distinguished by three-dimensional images, on which one can see the terrain, three-dimensional images of various objects and not only. It is possible to rotate the image on the screen of the navigator by 360 degrees in order to navigate as accurately as possible in the terrain.

If you purchased the iGO software for your portable navigator, you will need to update the maps periodically on the NNG website. What should be the sequence of steps?


Go to the NNG website and register on it.

From the above site, download and install on your PC an application called Naviextras Toolbox. This application will track the appearance of updates. With it, you will download them.

Then connect your car navigator to the computer using a USB cable . Make sure that the Naviextras Toolbox found it in the list of devices whose update is supported by it.

Log in with your username and password. After that, Toolbox will automatically recognize the device and register it in your user profile.

Now it’s time to devote time to viewing available updates and additional maps. They are presented directly in the program Naviextras Toolbox. To see them, click the “Catalog” button in the menu item.

Available updates can be filtered depending on the geographic area or type of data. Next to each option is listed and its price. Many updates are available for free, in this case the icon “free” will be displayed instead of the price.

After you have selected the required update, it will be queued for installation. Before you press the “Install” button to install new versions, it’s best to back up your data. This will eliminate the undesirable complications in the event that the installation goes wrong, as originally planned. It usually takes a different amount of time to create a backup. And it depends on the capabilities of the USB-port, as well as the device itself. So be prepared for the process to drag out.

After the backup is already created, Naviextras Toolbox will start the process of downloading and installing the required updates. The process progress will be visible on the basis of two scales of indication. The upper one will show the general status of the work performed, and the lower one will allow you to familiarize yourself with the process of loading a particular file. Upon completion of the operation, you will receive an appropriate notification.

Please note that you can download updates not only with the Naviextras Toolbox, but also directly from the NNG website. The sequence of actions will be the same.

Updated versions of programs for autonavigators appear on average every 3-10 months. And this means that it is desirable to acquire the last cards at least. Otherwise, the information that will be in your use will no longer be reliable. Therefore, pay attention to updating your GPS-navigators. Moreover, you can easily handle this task yourself.

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