Learn About the G5 Electronic Flight Instrument

G5 Electronic Flight Instrument

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The G5 was initially introduced by Garmin at Sun ‘N Fun 2016 to give users a compelling experience and affordable instrument so that they can perform experiment and also light sport aircraft owners. The Primary or backup flight instrument with optional Autopilot capability features the following facilities to it users. Study the device specifications such as mentioned below:

  • The Standardized size that is perfectly fit with bright and sunlight-readable 3.5” LCD color display
  • The 3-1/8th instrument cutout
  • The device is used as primary EFIS attitude indicator or also called as DG/HSI display. The fully integrated backup flight instrument for G3X, G3X Touch or other Experimental/LSA glass cockpits
  • The device provides you standalone or backup autopilot control system, allowing coupled GPS approaches to flown or continued in the event of the primary display loss
  • In case of any aircraft power loss, battery backup sustains G5 flight display with up to 4hours of emergency power
  • When you install the dual G5 hence get along with reversionary display capability plus the added redundancy of dual ADAHRS and dual back-up batteries

The machine is designed for the expert technicians specifically for the experimental amateur-built (EAB) and light sports aircraft abbreviated as LSA. The G5 electronic flight instrument delivers exceptional performance, reliability and smooth installation as an all-in-one backup or primary “glass cockpit” display. The G5 has two pilot selectable main page formats including PFD page and DG or HSI page. With the combination of visual clues and data readouts once scattered across myriad of instruments, G5 makes all flight information more accessible to scan now and hence pilot can respond more quickly and intuitively to any in-flight situation.

Solid as like rock attitude reference of the G5: The device uses solid-state AHRS reference to provide smooth steady and reliable horizon based pitch along with the roll-indications. The G5 also supports air-speed display, altitude, vertical speed, slip/skid turn rate and configurable V-speed reference, biometrics setting and selected altitude-as well as virtual alerts upon arriving at a preselected height. A built-in GPS receiver and antenna provide you the highly accurate groundspeed and ground track readouts as well.

Have Cleaner Sense of Direction: For more situational awareness the G5 instrument function as a DG or HSI in the panel. When paired with the affordable GMU 11 magnetometer and select VHF/Comms or GPS navigators. G5 also serve as your primary reference source for magnetic heading, VOR/LOC guidance, and GPS/VOR/LOC course deviation when available. To adjust course selection, you can use the G5 instruments rotary knob and also control heading bug settings in DG installations.

With the Dual display enjoy more options: as you have installed the G5 display in your panel you will not only enjoy the dedicated instruments for attitude reference and directional gyro/HSI guidance but along with you will have the advantage of backup redundancy with dual ADAHRS and also reversionary display capability. With such of installation, a secondary G5 can revert to display attitude information in the unlikely event of a failure in crucial attitude indicator position. With the “get home” protection each G5 display is available with an optional backup lithium-ion battery that provides you with the emergency operation in case of aircraft electrical outage or shutdown.

The Standalone flight instrument with the Autopilot: No matter with which the G5 has been installed it perform as a standalone flight instrument with integrated autopilot features and functionalities.

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