Garmin Navigator eTrex 10 Guide and Reviews

The ideal tourist navigation called “Garmin eTrex 10” started its work again in 2012 and has since gained a sufficient number of these fans. Of the whole series, this model has not only passed the previous versions but also of many other producers. “Garmin eTrex 10” In general terms, the device can say a lot […]

Analysis of the Garmin Edge 520, opinion and experience of use

 Analysis of the Garmin Edge 520, opinion and experience of use The Garmin Edge 520 is one of the most complete GPS cyclo computers you can find today. So let’s start the analysis of a device that was introduced in mid-2015. The Edge is Garmin devices in which any cyclist is fixed when looking for […]

What are the benefits of GPS navigation

The GPS Navigation System has come a long way, both in technology and price. Currently, GPS Navigation Systems are affordable and readily available for families to buy. Planning a vacation or traveling by road has been made easier with GPS Navigation and its use has many benefits for the family. Determine the distance of the […]

The importance of GPS and destinations

Have you ever thought about the importance of GPS? I tried it and I confirm that the system is amazing and totally effective. Recently I contacted a client, who was in another city distant from mine (approximately 4 hours away by car and we were in pick up a merchandise that had sold to him […]

Tips and Tricks on the Garmin Nuvi Series

Here are the best tips to maintain your Garmin devices for the long term, Please follow the given below tips to be updated. 1. If you cannot find your address, try my tricks to enter the addresses 2. To charge a Garmin with the USB connection and a computer: disconnect the USB drive from the workstation. […]

How to Update Radars in a Gps Navigator Tomtom

Introduction- How to Update Radars in a Gps Navigator Tomtom: One of the options offered by GPS navigators are proximity warnings. This feature is very useful because we can tell our device to warn us when we approach certain GPS coordinates. The commonly called POI’s or POI’s (points of interest) are files that contain coordinates […]

How to Update the Map of a Garmin GPS Navigator

How to Update the Map of a Garmin GPS Navigator, Call us @ Maybe a GPS navigator has reached your hands, and you do not know what to do with it. If you need to know how to update the map of a Garmin GPS navigator you are in the right place. Before getting down […]