What Procedure Do you Need to Follow for Reinstalling Maps and Software on the Navigation Device of Garmin?

For reinstalling maps and software on your Garmin GPS device, you need to have a tool called Garmin Express software. With the help of this GPS software, you can easily solve the major problems of your device. You can not only use this tool for reinstalling the maps and software on Garmin but also to install maps straight to an SD Card in a GPS device that supports them.

For making use of this software, first of all, you need to download the Garmin Express software from the website of the Garmin device. To get it done you need to perform the steps mentioned below:

  • Step1: Go to the website of the Garmin device and click on the option of download for windows.
  • Step2: After downloading the software, run GarminExpress.exe to start the installation process.
  • Step3: Now, moving towards the next step. Check the box next to the terms and conditions statement.
  • Step4: Advanced users can select the options button to change the install location of Garmin Express if in case needed.
  • Step5: Click on the install button and then finally press the Launch button to open the Garmin Express.

For Reinstalling GPS System Software follow the below points:

  • Step1: Connect your GPS device to the computer.
  • Step2: Now, in the next step open the Garmin Express tool.
  • Step3: Click on the option of the “Device” from the menu.
  • Step4: Once you are done with the above point, Click “Reinstall” Option.
  • Step5: Select the “Desired map.”

Change the area of your map coverage for this

  • Step1: Select the option of change coverage.
  • Step2: Choose to pick a region or use a micro/SD memory card and then press continue. Select the map coverage region from the appearing list.
  • Step3: At last, click on continue.

Install Map to SD Memory Card

To install the map to an external memory card follow the below process.

  • Step2: Click on the option of change coverage.
  • Step3: Select Use a micro/SD memory card and click on continue.

To finish the installation process

  • Step1: Click on the option of Start Installation.
  • Step2: You can also monitor the progress by selecting updates from the menu.

Once the process of re-installation is done, the gadget should start normally and have maps available for the navigation purpose.  If you chose the installation to micro/SD Card, the selected maps should now be on the card.

If you still have any doubts related to the reinstalling of maps on Garmin or reinstalling of software on Garmin for Mac OS, you can visit Garmin.com/Express.

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