How to read a Garmin Sounder

How to read a Garmin Sounder

Sounders made by the company Garmin are useful for fishermen and boaters alike. Not only do they indicate the location of the fish, they also show the bottom and the depth, which can help all boaters avoid shallow areas that could damage their boats. Garmin manufactures a range of sounders, including some that are aimed at novice fishermen and boaters, who must learn to read them before moving on to more advanced versions.


1.Turn on the device by pressing the power button, which is the one with the red circle.

2.Look at the numbers in the upper left corner of the screen. The upper number is the depth of the water, in feet. Other numbers that you can see, depending on the unit, include the water temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit.

3.Locate the line that runs through the bottom of the screen. This line represents the lake bottom. Read the line from left to right. If it goes down, the boat moves to shallower waters. If it goes down, the boat goes to deeper waters. Also pay attention to the thickness of the line. The thicker it is, the deeper it is.

4.Look carefully at all the lines or other objects that extend on the line. These could be elements ranging from rocks to vegetation. Rocks will be displayed as small, dark bumps. Tall vegetation appears as lines, like submerged trees, although the trees will be darker in color than the vegetation. The small tussocks along the bottom that are light in color probably indicate the vegetation growing closer to the bottom.

5.Focus on the screen above the bottom, which represents the water between the bottom and the surface. The fish will be displayed as hooks on the screen. The bigger the hook, the bigger the fish. Pay attention to the distance below the surface, the fish are. If you are fishing on the bottom, but all the fish are 5 feet down, you cannot catch anything.

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