How to recover data from crashed Garmin devices

Recover data from crashed Garmin devices-  Navigation has given us freedom from uncertainty in travelling. Today with the help of GPS devices, we can explore different places without worrying about getting lost in the jargon of routes. One of the leading brands which have offered class apart products in the market is Garmin.

With quality features and latest technology, it has touched every segment of consumers. But issues can crop up on any device which can lead you to a situation of data loss. In some cases, if the problem is critical, then you may require technical assistance. Maps Updates Garmin technical support team is known for providing quality advice and suitable solutions to recover the data from crashed Garmin devices.

But before approaching them, you can also try to fix issues on your own. One such problem which you can deal with is data recovery. Many reasons can be responsible for the loss of data, but by following a process, you can retrieve information quickly. Below is the description of a procedure. Here, it is mandatory to perform every step precisely the way it has been written otherwise it will not yield the desired result.

  • Step 1: First you have to connect the Garmin device to your system with the help of USB cord.


  • Step 2: Now switch on the device. The moment your gadget turns on, it will give you a notification of new USB connection with a sound.


  • Step 3: Now you have to launch the software which you will use to retrieve data. There are several options available online from which you can choose such as Active@ Undelete etc.


  • Step 4: When the software will open, search your device by browsing it in the application. Select Garmin and initiate an “advanced scan” by click on the option. You will also see an alternative to a “simple scan”, but the advanced version will help you in covering all aspects of the gadget.


  • Step 5: The scan may take some time to conclude but when it completes then you will be able to expand the “Garmin” node to see several deleted folders with numeric names like “_6754567_”. Expand the folder and then click on the “Activities” folder which you will find inside of it.


  • Step 6: When you will open the folder of activities than in the files pane at the right corner, you will be able to see a list of activities that are on your Garmin device. They all have a format of specified date and “.fit” file extension which helps in managing unique pattern. Here you have to search a file which is not in the same pattern and is known as “”.


  • Step 7: Right-click on the “” file and then click on “Recover” option. Save this file on the desktop with the name “”.


  • Step 8: Now, if the file is not corrupt then upload it to Garmin Connect. Go to the site and click on “upload.” In the bottom of the page, you will find an option of “manual upload”, search the “” file which you saved on the desktop and click on “upload activities from file”. It will recover the data which you have lost.

In case if you still face issues then by contacting Garmin technical support you can get useful advice within minimum time. They have handled various instances of data recovery and can offer quality solutions.

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