How to repair Garmin Nuvi Units

How to repair Garmin Nuvi Units- Call fast Garmin Repair

If your Garmin Nuvi is not working properly, you may be able to repair the problem yourself instead of sending it out of the company to fix it. Sometimes a good cleaning is all you need to work again, while at other times, some settings may need to be restored or the way you use the device may need to be changed. However, because Garmin Nuvi parts can not be found in stores, you will still have Garmin’s repair service to retreat to the most serious problems.

Instructions for How to repair Garmin Nuvi Units

How to repair Garmin Nuvi Units

How to repair Garmin Nuvi Units

1 Clean the suction cup of your Garmin Nuvi if you can not get it to mount on your windshield. Clean the surface and the surface of the windshield with rubbing alcohol. Both surfaces must be dry before assembly.


2 Leave the battery in your Garmin Nuvi device. This can help if the battery meter seems to be read incorrectly. Once he is dead, charge him back up without stopping.

3 Stay still while your Garmin Nuvi is searching for the satellite signal. Moving around could disrupt a current signal. If after a few minutes your device has not found the signal, try a new location away from all tall structures, such as trees and buildings.

4 Press the power button to turn off the power to begin calibrating the screen. This can help if the screen does not respond. Tap the upper-left corner of the touch screen with one finger, and put the device back with another. Continue pressing the power button until the screen changes. Keep your finger on the upper left corner until the calibration screen appears.

5 Send your device to Garmin for repairs if you can not fix it yourself. This will involve boxing and shipping it to Garmin International. A Garmin representative can provide you with the current address, as well as a return authorization number and dock door, both of which must be printed on the outside of the package. Call to speak with a Garmin representative, explain the problem with your Nuvi, and obtain additional instructions. If your device is not covered by the warranty, you can also arrange the payment.

Tips and Warnings to repair Garmin Nuvi Units

Find out if your Garmin Nuvi is under warranty by reading the Garmin Garmin Limited Warranty page. If it does not, you can get an estimate for Garmin’s “out-of-warranty” repairs page.

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