Know the Best Methods of Saving Garmin Connect Photos & Stats

Know the Best Methods of Saving Connect Photos & Stats

When you are more of a sports person, you most likely monitor your stats every day regarding your sports activities. You must be using various smart apps and gadgets like smartwatches, heart rate monitors, etc. to keep your burns and gains calculated. But what happens when you want to overrun your previous records and don’t know the stats?

Well, if you are using Garmin devices, you must be aware of a variety of features that Garmin Connect can provide. One of the best features of this app has to offer is its stats-storing ability. It can record your daily workout activity and keep them for further reference in your workout training.

How to use your Garmin Connect?

You might be wondering how to access this feature. Let us tell you the simple steps of adding photos to your activity stats and let every other fellow athletes view them.

  • First, you have to open your Garmin Connect app on your smartphone
  • Now, connect the type of activity tracker you use and connect it with the app
  • After everything is set, open any activity in your Garmin Connect Mobile app
  • Now, look for a camera icon/ share icon and tap it to open up its stats
  • You can add your stats on the event or activity that you opened
  • Garmin Connect lets you add up to 10 photos in each activity
  • Select all the photos from your camera roll or specific destination folder
  • Tap Done when you have selected all the desired photos for uploading
  • Now, people around you on Garmin Connect can view your photos in an activity as well as reflect the impression level on your PR

With these steps, you can easily store and view your previous stats and keep going with your activities while beating the records you made yesterday. Garmin Connect is one useful app to monitor your sports activities without much effort. Saving Garmin Connect photos & stats lets you improve every day by beating yesterday.



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