What Solution can you Implement if your Garmin Nuvi Stops Responsing?

garmin nuviGones those times when we used to depend upon street boards and signs for reaching your destination. The navigation device Garmin Nuvi has drastically changed the way of our traveling. This device helps us to reach our exact destination without any hassle. It is a user-friendly device that is available at a reasonable rate. Due to the continuous and rough use of Garmin Nuvi, there is a possibility that you might face a problem. One such most commonly occurring problem is non-responsive issues of the Garmin device. Sometimes even turning the gadget on and off doesn’t solve the problem. In this situation, you might decide to reset your device but performing a reset can completely erase your all saved data. Under such circumstances wiping your data from the Garmin system can be a better solution.

To wipe the data from the Garmin Nuvi, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Step1: You need to place your finger on the bottom right portion of the display. While holding your finger in that position, press the power button to switch on the Garmin Nuvi.
  • Step2: Now, you need to hold your finger at the same place unless and until a pop-up message appears on the screen. This popup message will ask you for confirmation for deleting all data.
  • Step3: You need to tap on the option of “Yes” to continue and have the device automatically erase all the saved data by you.

This is all you need to wipe the data from Garmin Nuvi. However, the steps are simple but if you still need to face any issue in getting it done.

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