How to solve some of the common problems with Connect IQ?

garminHow to solve some of the common problems with Connect IQ? Call @ toll free

The first-ever open platform introduced by Garmin International which allows developers to create a third-party application for Garmin wearable products. The Garmin running watches as set revolutionary as the first iPhone did. With the Connect IQ the developers will build-third party applications and widgets for the Garmin devices that utilize Garmin platform features such as GPS technology, connectivity and autonomy. Connect IQ SDK is used to create apps that build on features of Garmin products such as the following:

  • Customizing base watch experience with colorful watch faces
  • Translating the rich data sensor to new metric and insights with custom data fields
  • With widgets avail information at glance
  • Possible solutions for active lifestyle with the applications

With the Connect IQ SDK uses a brand-new programming language which is created and developed by Garmin called Monkey C that is similar to languages Java, Ruby, and Python. Four different types of applications are offered by Connect IQ such as watch faces, data fields, apps, and widgets.

Some of the common issues with Connect IQ and its solutions can learn below:


Problem 1: Unable to change the Watch face style that is can’t uninstall the watch face

Solution: In case you have a new Connect IQ watch face that is installed for the first time, watch switches to it automatically after the installation. Some of you are not aware of the watch face that can be changed from the watch settings menu and does not require un-installing the current face. Therefore you can have multiple faces installed but you can’t switch between them or any other via settings menu on your watch. Hence the possible solution is either to change the watch face to another one before uninstalling or you can use Garmin Express to un-install.

Problem 2: Device is update-to-date with the software yet the issue is time files fails to download as needs an update

Solution: Try with Garmin WebUpdater that can help you with the problem solving

Problem 3: Not able to download any application as says no server connection

Solution: Need to check over an internet connection, might be the problem with the login credentials to Garmin server. Therefore you must re-check your username and password entered are correct or not.

Problem 4: Watch faces show IQ, and doesn’t load other times it loads with the default settings or watch faces crashes with from time to time

Solution: All of the CIQ application including watch face firmware faces the error and it can be fixed easily as an update is required for the firmware.

Problem 5: When not able to see the second screen or dynamic hands /digital seconds are not functioning properly

Solution: Issue is with the watches firmware, as of bug which prevents the watch to react appropriately to wrist movements if the backlight activation by wrist movement is turned off. Hence you can try turning it on and see if it helps.

Problem 6: As 24h display is required but the watch keeps going back to 12h

Solution: Switching between 24/12 hour modes is controlled by watch settings. Your watch will set to operate in 24 or 12-hour mode so that your watch faces run at same format. However the things are not that simple as time format can set to independently in the watch built-in settings menu, Garmin Connect Mobile. Garmin connect has made it more complicated as by having separate time format setting for which you need set the watch and another one for your profile display preferences accordingly.

Problem 7: The time is AM but the watch is showing PM or vice-versa or sunrise and sunset times displayed are incorrect or day & night shows the wrong theme

Solution: You can check with the watch is set to adjusted time or if it requires manual settings make sure the set time is correct. After installing the watch face, you may need to update GPS location to make watch face aware of your coordinates. To do you need to switch on the activity that uses GPS and letting the signal lock. In case you are traveling, you need to make sure that the device is synchronizing the watch with the local time if not done then watch will switch your device incorrect time with synchronization.

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