How to solve a Garmin NUVI 250?

How to solve a Garmin NUVI 250: The Nuvi 250 is a global portable positioning system (GPS) device developed by Garmin. It is designed for North America and European travelers with an emphasis on tourism, with maps detailing hotels, malls and restaurants. Even the best GPS gadget can malfunction, however, and the Nuvi 250 is not safe from glitches. Troubleshoot your Nuvi 250 to solve potential problems so you do not get lost in an unknown territory.

How to solve a Garmin NUVI 250

Things you need for resolving Garmin NUVI 250 Issues

1.Garmin charging cable

2.Make sure you have turned on your Nuvi 250 if the screen of the Garmin device is dark. Press the power button on the right side of the unit.

3.Charge the Nuvi 250’s internal battery if it does not respond to button presses, including pressing the power button. Connect it to a computer, using a USB-Garmin cable to a power outlet, using a Garmin-AC adapter or to the internal power jack of a car or lighter, using Garmin’s car cable load.

4.Wait to acquire a satellite signal if the Nuvi 250 can not locate your location. Turn off the device, and exit into an area free of tall buildings or dense forest canopies. Turn the Nuvi again, and wait for at least one green bar to appear in the signal symbol in the upper left corner of the screen of the device.

5.Calibrate the Nuvi 250’s touch screen if it does not respond quickly to your finger or if it sometimes activates the wrong button or setting when you touch the screen. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds or until the screen turns white. Release the power button, and follow the instructions on the screen to calibrate the screen.

6.Reset the Nuvi 250 if it freezes continuously. Hold the reset button on the bottom edge of the unit for 2 to 5 seconds.

7.Restore the Nuvi 250 to return to its factory settings. This could wipe out any problems or problems with the software, but it also removes the settings or custom maps you have created. Tap “Tools” on the screen of the device, and select “Settings.” Scroll down, then press “System,” then press “Restore.” The restore process will take several seconds.

Tips & Warnings

If troubleshooting your Garmin Nuvi 250 does not solve, call Garmin technical support line at toll free. Enjoy this blog to read for resolving  Garmin NUVI 250 Issues

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