Tips and Tricks on the Garmin Nuvi Series

Here are the best tips to maintain your Garmin devices for the long term, Please follow the given below tips to be updated.

1. If you cannot find your address, try my tricks to enter the addresses

2. To charge a Garmin with the USB connection and a computer: disconnect the USB drive from the workstation. Hold the USB button until you hear a beep. Press Power again and wait for the beep. The GPS should display charging.

3. If the GPS does not pick up the satellite: do the WebUpdater and a “Hard Reset”. I also recommend reading my article on GPS reception issues.

There is a problem with the firmware of the 7 × 5 series, the 8 × 5 series, the Zumo 660, the GPSMAP 620, and the GPSMAP 640. This firmware when installed caused one or more of the following problems: the GPS thought that a new firmware had to be installed (in an endless loop: Updating GPS Firmware or GPS Update Complete) or the GPS was no longer capturing the satellite. Garmin has created a new firmware to be installed. If your GPS does not open anymore, you will have to return it.

  1. Hard Reset: Of course there is a Reset button on the back of the GPS, but this button does not erase user data. Press the lower right corner of the touch screen and at the same time press Power. Release Power. Choose to erase the user data, when asked.

If there are no Reset buttons, slide the “Power” switch to the position to open the GPS and hold it in this position for about ten seconds.

5. Your Garmin does not say street names and is compatible with detailed voice prompts: Choose a TTS voice or text to speech (indicated in parentheses)

6. You want to create new voices-  So read this article for How to Change of voice on a Garmin Nuvi

  1. No matter what address or point of interest you are looking for, your Garmin tells you there is no result: try going to the “tools” menu, then choose the “settings” option, the “map” option, the “Info” option. In this menu, you can see the version of the cards installed. Be sure to check with at least one card, otherwise, you will not find anything with your GPS!


8. If your Garmin GPS is frozen, try the Reset button which is normally tiny

9. If you want to copy your favorites to another Garmin GPS, copy the \ Garmin \ gpx \ current.gpx file from your GPS to the same directory on the other GPS device

10. If you want to improve the battery life, decrease the brightness of the screen (especially during periods of sunshine). The LCD is what is more energy-consuming on electronic devices.

11. If your GPS overheats, there may be a problem with the battery. Your Nuvi 200W, 250W, 260W or 7XX may have been recalled.

Above all tips are very important for  Garmin NUVI Device Maps update for better navigation of your maps.

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