How to transfer Garmin Nuvi Favorites

How to transfer Garmin Nuvi Favorites

Adding Favorites is a feature available on Garmin Global Positioning System devices. Some devices do not allow users to transfer these favorites from one device to another; however, with the Garmin Nuvi, these favorites can be on many devices, with just a small editing done on the computer. With this feature, the user can update the Nuvi with a new device and still keep all the favorites of the old device.

How to transfer Garmin Nuvi Favorites

Instructions to transfer Garmin Nuvi Favorites

1 Connect the first Garmin Nuvi to your computer via a USB cable.

2 Open My Computer and right-click Garmin Nuvi and select Open. The files on the Garmin Nuvi are now on the computer.

3 Double-click the Garmin folder, then the GPX folder.

4 Right-click Current.gpx and select Copy. Go to the desk.

5 Right-click anywhere on the desktop, then Paste from the drop-down menu.

6 Right-click on the pasted file and select Rename from the drop-down menu.

7 Rename the file to a desired file name that should end with .GPX. Disconnect the first device from the computer.

8 Connect the second Garmin Nuvi to the computer via the USB cable.

9 Right-click the renamed file on the desktop and select Copy.

Then Open My Computer in the Start menu and select Garmin Nuvi.

11 Double-click the Garmin folder followed by the GPX folder. Right-click anywhere in the GPX folder, followed by Paste in the drop-down menu. The favorites have been moved to the new Garmin Nuvi device and are ready to load for the next trip.

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