How to transfer Google Maps to a Garmin

How to transfer google maps to a Garmin,Call Our Garmin Toll Free Helpline: 

Since the introduction of the “Send to GPS” feature in Google Maps, Garmin users can send different types of map data from Google Maps to their compatible Garmin devices – Garmin users interested in using this feature must download and install the plug-in. in Garmin Communicator, a plug-in that allows Garmin devices to receive data from web pages The Garmin Communicator plug-in requires Garmin users to have a USB cable to connect their device to a computer.

Instructions to transfer Google Maps to a Garmin and Update

Step 1 Visit the Garmin Communicator plugin home page to download the application.

Step 2 Click “Download for Windows” blue button, then click the “Save File” button. If you are a Mac user, select the “Download Mac” link located in the left corner under “Quick Links”.

Step 3 Install the Garmin Communicator plug-in by double-clicking the file and then following the instructions.

Step 4 Connect your Garmin device to your PC using the original USB port or a serial cable that came with your Garmin device.

Step 5 Visit the Google Maps homepage, enter the address, company, or POI you want to transfer to your Garmin device in the search box, and click “Search Maps.”

Step 6 Click the “Send” link in the top right corner of the Google Maps screen. A Send dialog box appears. Click “GPS” in the left pane, select the brand of your GPS, then click the “Send” button.

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