Update The Radar of a Garmin Gps Navigator

How to Update the Radar of a Garmin Gps Navigator

Garmin DeviceGarmin, like other models of GPS navigators, allows us to create a warning when we approach pre-established GPS coordinates. For this purpose, there are so-called POIs, which are files that contain GPS coordinates on a certain category.

We can find POI’s with information about ports, ferry, train stations, etc. Each of these categories comes in a file that contains all the GPS coordinates of the same category for a specific area such as Spain, Europe, etc.

We are going to focus on the POIs specialized in radars, Breathalyzer controls, radars, etc., but this is only a category and this same example can be used for many other categories.

How To Update The Radar of a Garmin Gps Navigator

1.- Download the POI Loader program: Garmin is a bit special and the option of copying and pasting a file as in other browsers is not useful, but we need an auxiliary program to perform this task, this program is called POI Loader and we must download it in order to continue with our task.

2.- Install POI Loader: Once the installation package is downloaded, its installation is not complicated, the experts will simply give it to you the next time.

We can find the case in which our team does not have Microsoft .NET Framework installed, in this case, the same installation program facilitates its installation. This module is necessary for the correct operation of the application.

3.- Download the latest version of the radars . According to the map that we have installed in our GPS device, we can download the radars from Spain or the radars from Europe.

4.- Extract the radar file to a folder. We just downloaded a .ZIP file. Now we must unzip it in a folder for later use. In the new folder created we must have three file types. File .bmp that contains the radar type icon. File .CSV that contains all the coordinates of the radars. File .MP3 that contains the pre-alert sound for that type of radar.

5.-  Connect the GPS to the computer with the USB cable and turn on the GPS.

6.- Start the POI Loader program.

Once the program has started, we will skip the welcome by clicking on next.

It will ask us where we want to store the radars, we will tell you that in the “Garmin Device”

In the next window you will recognize our GPS navigator, if you do not, make sure you have it correctly turned on and connected.

In the next window, we will specify that we want to create a new point of interest. We will mark the option “Install the new points of interest in the browser”

Now it’s time to choose the folder that we have decompressed before. Remember the folder containing the .bmp photos and the radars in .csv format. Another very important option that we can select is the installation mode. I personally always give a personalized, this allows us to configure one by one each of the radars indicating their meters of notice.

Once the process is completed, the program will notify us that everything has gone well, specifying the number of radars that we have installed.

Once the process is finished we can safely disconnect our GPS navigator and close the program.

To see the changes that the program has made, we can turn on our browser and verify that it has really loaded the radars. To do this from the main menu of our Garmin device we can go to <View map> and zoom in on any area that we know there is radar.

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