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How to use Garmin Vehicles Icons to go easy with driving?

How to use Garmin Vehicles Icons to go easy with driving?, Dail Toll-Free Support Number   

Garmin when used in-car GPS, then you also have an option which is more interesting such as vehicle icons. The interesting and fascinating vehicle icons are available than the few are available within the unit stock menu. Indeed you don’t have to drive the car at all. And what if you need it for a fire truck, or a tank, police car or motorcycle? You can custom the vehicle icon from the Garmin Garage. It is where the Garmin post file that you can use to upgrade the vehicle icon for your device is in use. You can download the icons easily as they are freely available and without even needing your account. From the Garmin Garage, every vehicle has an SRT file that stored in the zip archive. In order to understand and have a more clear understanding of the Garmin Vehicles, you can follow the blog. You will learn about where to download the files, how to open the downloaded file and how to put the SRT file on Garmin to change the vehicle icon. As sometimes when Garmin vehicles and voices no longer available follow the steps stated here to solve it out.

Steps to download and install Garmin Vehicle icons:

At the same place, you can access the Garmin Garage and that too with two different ways to install the vehicle icon on your Garmin device.

With the use of Garmin Communicator Plug-in follow the steps to download and install the icons. You need to first add-on to your web browser so you can easily transfer the vehicle icon directly to your Garmin without downloading and extracting the files manually.

Step 1: Install the Garmin communicator Plug-in

Step 2: Visit the Garmin Garage to see which vehicles are available

Step 3: Click on install vehicle button to transfer the icon to your respective device

The second method is to copy the SRT File to Device. You do not need to install a browser plug-in either isn’t fluid but is not confusing either.

Step 1: Connect Garmin device to your PC

Step 2: Find the vehicle icon which you want to download from the Garmin Garage

Step 3: Download the zip file to your computer system

Step 4: Next you need to extract the ZIP file to zip file

Step 5: Copy the SRT file to the Garmin/Vehicle/folder of the device

Learn the steps to change the vehicle Icon from your Garmin

As you have custom vehicle icons, now it’s time to change the ride:

Step 1: From the device, you need to touch the tools

Step 2: Choose the settings

Step 3: Select the Map

Step 4: Then tap on automobile

Step 5: Choose the vehicle to select the custom icon and run the device

With this, you will have the Custom Garmin Vehicle icons with you along with Garmin GP.

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