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Garmin Map Updates Free Download 2020/19/18/17 | Garmin GPS Updates

GPS or Global Positioning Systems helps people to navigate and find places on their smartphones, tablets and car navigation systems. Recently, modern cars are installing touch screen navigation interfaces to make commuting an easier task. Garmin Maps are one of the most common navigation systems used by various companies. They provide a user friendly interface to navigate drivers to their exact destinations. However, certain locations and places can change in the real world. Therefore, Garmin Map needs Updates to be updated with the same. Thus, go through the following section to learn how to perform a Garmin Map Update.

How to Update Garmin Map

Incidentally, there are three ways for doing a Garmin Map Update. Each of these differ in their approach towards the update and in ease of doing so. Hence, you can update your Garmin map by following any one of the following methods.

Directly Through Garmin Installer

The Garmin Map device has an in-built installer file that can be installed in Windows operating system. Thus, go through the following instructions to perform a Garmin Map Update.

1. First, take out the Garmin Map device from your car. Make sure you do this extremely carefully.

2. Next, remove its SD card from its port.
Next, take the USB cable that came with the device and connect it to the computer. Now, the Garmin Map device will light up with its logo. There, use the option for Mass Storage.

3. On your computer, press the Windows logo button along with the letter ‘E’ at the same time. Thereafter, click on the Garmin drive from the left hand pane.

4. Here, you will see a file called ‘installer.exe’. Double click on this program and run the Garmin Map Updater. Make sure you have a working internet connection.

5. The Garmin Map Updater will automatically search, download and install any updates that are available. 

When Garmin Map is updated, simply disconnect the device and connect it to the car. You can now enjoy an updated navigation system for future commuting.

With the Garmin Express Software

Garmin Map has its own Garmin Express Software to make updating an easier task. Hence, follow the steps given below.

1. First, disconnect the Garmin map device and remove its SD card. Thereafter, go to the computer and connect the device to it through the USB cable.
2. Next, visit the official website of Garmin Map and download the Garmin Express Software. Follow the instructions to successfully install it on your computer.
3. After the installation is completed, run the Garmin Express Software. It will then search for the device connected to the computer. Click on the model number after it is displayed on the screen.
4. Next, go to the Update section and select Garmin Map Update. After that, wait for the updates to be downloaded and installed in the device.
5. Disconnect the device after the update is finished.

Reconnect the device back in the car and you can enjoy navigation on an updated map. Generally, it can take a few hours to update the whole map in Garmin device.

Manual Garmin Map Update

For the manual process, you need to download the updates from the official website of Garmin. After that, you will be able to update the device directly without installing any software. Hence, go through the instructions below to do so.

1. First, go to a browser and visit the official website of Garmin. There, search for Garmin Map Update 2020 and download it on your system.
2. After that, connect the Garmin device to the computer with the help of its USB cable.
3. Next, run the downloaded file as an Administrator and select your Garmin device from the list. If your device doesn’t appear, simply disconnect and reconnect the device.
4. Now, select Garmin map update and the process will be initiated.
5. Disconnect the device after the update has been completed.

The manual process is the easiest way to perform a Garmin Map update. Ordinarily, you have to pay a certain fee to update the Garmin device. Therefore, this process allows you to update the device without making any sort of payments.

Introducing the New Connect Mobile

Garmin Map Updates Free Download 2020

The Garmin Map Update 2020 has been recently released on the official website of Garmin. You can easily download the latest version on this website for free. The latest updates have introduced some new features that have made navigation an enjoyable experience. Moreover, it has been updated with the latest map information of the real world. Hence, you are guaranteed to reach your destination with no mistakes at all. Simply follow the instructions provided above to download and install the latest update.

Garmin Map Updates Free Download 2019

In some cases, Garmin map updates require a subscription fee to be downloaded. However, it is distributed for free under certain conditions. Therefore, you can easily grab your Garmin Map update free download 2019 at this site. Just connect your device to the computer and follow the offline process to update the maps of the Garmin device.

Garmin Map Updates Free Download 2018

Garmin Map Updates are free for certain make and models. Usually, it is free for LMT, LM and LT models. However, if your Garmin device doesn’t fall under one of these, you can easily download the update manually. Here, you can find the Garmin map update free download 2018 for any Garmin device.

Garmin Map Updates Free Download 2017

Garmin releases its map updates on an annual basis. Therefore, there are map updates for each year. If you cannot get the most recent one then don’t worry. You can make do with one of the older ones. Here, you can get the Garmin Map update free download 2017 on this site. As explained earlier, you can update your device by following the instructions above.

How to do Garmin Nuvi Update

Garmin Nuvi Update provides a better driving experience by providing accurate navigational directions. The latest updates help Garmin nuvi to be up to date with the latest changes in the roads and location around you. You can update the device by following the given instructions.

1. First, you need to connect Garmin Nuvi update to the computer. All Garmin devices come with their own USB cable.

2. Next, go to your computer and launch the Garmin Express software. Thereafter, it will automatically detect the Garmin Nuvi model.

3. Now, select Garmin Nuvi Update and wait for the file to be downloaded. Follow the instructions on the screen to update the device.

4. Finally, disconnect the device after it has finished updating. You are ready to use it for error-free navigation now.

garmin nuvi

How to get Garmin Map Update for Free

To begin with, you can avail a free Garmin map update if you do it within the first 90 days of its usage. Moreover, LMT, LT and LM models of the Garmin device have free updates for its entire lifetime. Hence, you will not be charged any type of fee for doing so. In case you do not have these models, you can pay a one-time lifetime subscription fee to get free updates all the time.

Hopefully, you will now be able to perform a Garmin map update for free. Make sure that you follow all the steps provided above correctly. We have shared three different ways to easily update the Garmin device. Generally, the manual process is the most preferred method followed by many users.

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