Refund Policy

We are a support service provider with highly knowledgeable technicians who know how to fix the customers problem of Garmin device map update. But in case they are not able to fix your problem we shall surely refund back you the entire amount.  However, there will not be any refund for the service that has been delivered and whom you have certified satisfactory at the time of feedback call by us.  For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use.


  • The claim must be requested by the customer within 30 days of the subscription-only within this period the charge will be refunded after that there is no chance of compensating.
  • The policy of refunding is not applicable under any circumstance for per incidence plans.
  • Refund can be done when your issues were not resolved even when your account was active.
  • The money will be refunded if the problem is out of scope for the particular plan. After the issue was last operated upon by net support service, 30 days have not passed.

Software/Data Backup:

Our technicians will not be responsible for any software corruption or loss of data; you should keep these things in mind. So, we highly recommend our customers to maintain the backup of data.  At the time of registration procedure, you have to provide us the full and correct information. Every user has to Login account, password, security and a planned order submission at the time of registration process. You have to choose the username and password of your choice for retaining the privacy of your details.

All those activities that are occurring in your account for that, you will be responsible independently. We will not be responsible for any mishappening or data loss which took place by someone else who used your account with or without your permission. Only you could be held accountable for such damages or the one who used your account without the consent of the original holder.

Backup of Data

The privacy policy statement holds how we use and protects the information you share with our technical support team while registering with us or using our site. If you are asked to provide confidential information that only meant for the privacy policy on our website. Our support service is wholly authorized to modify or change this policy statement on a regular basis by updating the web page. So, check and read the page on a daily basis.

For any refund related queries, Call us on our 24×7 toll free number or write to us at

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